Activities Can Do in Port Louis Mauritius

It was a relaxing wind on a clear day that welcomed us to Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. We were on the second day of our six-day introductory trip to Mauritius, thanks to the trip of Mauritius Tourism India. Before I became interested in things to do in Port Louis Mauritius, I was more interested in the history of how the name of the city kept changing until it regained its original name.

History of the name of Port Louis Mauritius

Here is a little in the history of the names of Port Louis Mauritius. The city was known as Port Louis from 1790 to 1793. Port Louis became Port de la Montagne in 1794, but already the next year, in 1795, this name was changed to Port Nord-Ouest, which lasted until 1803. When General Decaen assumed the Office of Governor of the island in 1803, the town was given the name Port Napoleon. In 1810, when the island became a British colony, Governor Robert Farquhar returned the city to its original name, Port Louis.

Renaming, renaming, returning to the original name is not a new phenomenon, I realized. It reminded me of something similar in my country, India! Why was he condemned of changing his name? Anyway, this is another discussion, an offshoot of my thoughts wandering again and again.

Where is Mauritius located?

Before we learn more about the interesting things to do and see in Port Louis, let’s find out where Mauritius is located? Well, I looked for this information only to find out how long the flight from India to Mauritius would last. The beautiful island nation is located off the southeastern coast of Africa; the distance to India is 4961 km from Mumbai, for a flight time of six hours. More information about flights to Mauritius is available towards the end of the post.

Day Tour from Port Louis Mauritius

Port Louis was on our itinerary on the second day of the Mauritius Tourism India introductory tour. Just a day tour of the city of Port Louis is too little time to experience the historic city, the largest and busiest city with many historic and colonial buildings.

Port Louis is home to the busiest commercial port in the country. On the way from the airport to the Ravenala Attitude Hotel, we saw the Great Moka mountain range, which acts as a natural barrier against the strong south-eastern trade winds that can finish / damage the harbor. The view of white boats and small boats from the restaurant where we had lunch is like a postcard.

How many days do you need in Port Louis Mauritius? About 2 days would be perfect for a trip to the city and the port to enjoy it without stress and without haste.

Things to see and do in Port Louis Mauritius

Mauritius Sugar Museum

L’aventure du Sucre, which means sugar adventure, – The Sugar Museum, an ancient sugar cane factory that has become a museum. The sugar industry played an important role in the development of this island nation. The sugarcane industry thrived for years, as did slavery. In Mauritius there were more than ninety sugar mills, of which only three are currently operating. L’aventure du Sucre used to be a sugarcane factory, but was turned into a museum in 1999. Old machines are stored for exposition, a lot of information about their operation is displayed next to it.

I first learned that Mauritius produces fifteen types of sugar and the quality is known to be extremely high.

If you are visiting Mauritius, keep it on your list of things to do in Mauritius. The time it takes to visit the museum can vary from 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on interest. The museum is located near the Botanical Garden of Pamplemousses.

Restaurants near La Caudan Front Port Louis

If leisure, enjoyment and Shopping are what you are looking for in Mauritius, then the Caudan Front is the place for you. Even with a mixture of shops, banks, bars, casinos, film, museums, restaurants and hotels, you are unlikely to get lost in the place with your self-guided walking tour route map. Duration of the excursion from Port Louis Mauritius, a distance of less than half a kilometer, can take about an hour or less. Along the route there are many Souvenir and craft shops. Feel free to negotiate. They don’t accept credit cards, so keep cash on hand.

Restaurants near Port Louis

You can’t miss this beautiful old palace with blue windows. The museum it houses is famous for one of the last stamps of the Blue cent and the seed cent. An 1847 misprint involves ‘Post Office’ on stamps. It was soon changed to’postpaid’. For storage, The Originals are only temporarily illuminated. Fortunately, our visit coincided with time and we could see the historic stamp. If you are interested in Philately, ask about the time when the Stamps are illuminated. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed in the museum.

In addition to old stamps, you can see models of ships, maps and sculptures. The museum is quite small, but the tour time can last more than an hour if you want to read all the tables and information.

Open every day from 10 to 5, except Sundays and public holidays.

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