Attractive Desniations in Bali Indonesia

Bali has become almost synonymous with travel. Just the mention of it triggers your mind to think-let’s plan! As easy as it is to get to a destination like Bali, it is just as difficult to make an itinerary. Choosing things to do in Bali can be confusing, especially if you have less than a week to vacation in Bali. Natural wonders, rich traditions and culture, beaches and adventures, UNESCO World Heritage-there are many options. There is actually something for every traveler/tourist, from spiritual to Moderna’s adventurous crowd.

Must do things in Bali

This list was difficult, because there is a huge selection. Most of them I have experienced, some I would like to experience more and the last one, which I have not experienced at all, still dreams of experiencing one day. Let me know in your comments that one of you need to do things in Bali you’d rather do.

1. Visit a temple in Bali

Bali, a country with 1000 temples, is an understatement. A rough estimate says that in Bali there are 20,000 temples or more of various sizes and shapes. For those who are mentally inclined to jump into the temple, it can be a great activity. What impressed me the most is the location of some temples in Bali! Unique location is that Tanah Lot Temple. Just don’t miss this! It is a #mustvisit temple. One of the smaller shrines is perched on a piece of land that juts out into the Indian Ocean. The rock formation is such that it looks like a small tunnel. You can get award-winning catch of sunset moments here. Highly recommended for sunset collectors!

2. Bali Dances

For those who love art, culture and local traditions, local dances are a must-do event. Bali has a huge number of them. Most Balinese dances are based on Hindu mythological stories. So a certain knowledge of these stories would help to understand what is being proclaimed. Dance drama is expressed through body gestures. Observe the rhythm and movements of fingers, hands, head and eyes. It is said-dancers learn the craft as children. Balinese music is also played in the womb and dancing with the hands is taught before you can walk!

Barong and Kris dances are lively and elaborate celebration dances. They represent the eternal struggle between good and evil. There are many other types of dance in Bali, but if you have enough time to watch only one dance, let it be kecak dance in the Ulu Temple. It is a combination of ancient celebration, dance and drama and the setting is located on a cliff in the temple of Ulu. A sunset in the background makes it absolutely magical.

3. Bali Rice Terraces

The cultural landscape of the province of Bali is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Indonesia. Take a tour of the Ubud region to visit it, especially the rice terraces, which are a # mustsee. There are 5 rice terraces, their water temples dating back to the 9th century., and the 18th century. Century……….. And all this is one side.

Bali’s terraced rice fields are almost everywhere. The Balinese have been dependent on this agricultural method for almost 2000 years. It is hard to believe that these terraced rice fields were carved by hand with the help of some simple tools. Fortunately, subsequent generations have retained this method of farming. Terraced rice fields in the west of Bali-Covatilu Mivih, Belimbing, Pupuan; in the center of Bali – Tegallalang, Ubud; in the east of Bali – Tirta Gangga, Sidemen.

4. Kopi Lu Nissak from Bali

If you are looking for a unique coffee experience, then # musttaste il kopi Lu nvidak. The coffee seeds used for the preparation of this coffee are obtained from hand-picked notches of civet cats. In Bali Pulina, a coffee plantation in Ubud, you will visit the plantation and see the process of making this coffee.

5. Souvenirs from Bali

Balinese handicrafts are unique in design. You will find that no two provinces have the same design and finish as handmade products. This makes Bali the favorite meeting place of collectors for handmade items. There are a variety of things to take. Bali’s wood crafts are exquisite, they come in all sizes. Among the expensive but stunning works of art is her handmade silver jewelry. A #mustbu for your sweetheart is coming home. Batik prints in clothes are another popular handmade product. In one of the hand loom centers I was able to witness the whole process. You can connect with your guide for an elaborate tour of these craft centers. It helps to connect with the locals and better understand their lifestyle. Bamboo braid, ceramics, dolls are some more varieties of their products.

6. Bali Markets

‘Bali Markets’ is a topic in itself! Flea markets, street markets, night markets, art markets so the list goes on. Bali is a perfect paradise for all shopaholics; a #musttour for them. The only important factor that you should pay attention to is negotiations. If you introduced yourself on a bu, ask about costs and bargains. Street vendors expect to do it as well, so if you pay the mentioned costs walking away you can be sure that you have lost almost twice as much money that it actually costs. There are success stories of buyers who get away with purchases at almost a tenth of the original cost.

7. Balinese massage at the spa

Spa experiences very common in holiday destinations. However, sometimes it is difficult to distinguish them from each other. Balinese massage is a combination of techniques from different cultures. Under Indian Hindu influence, healing massage techniques were introduced in a doctor, oils and herbs. Buddhism and its accompanying acupressure philosophy came from China. The Balinese adopted and adapted a style of his own innovative creation. You can experience this to relax and find the difference. Probably after a hectic day of shopping and adventure Balinese spa is well deserved and a # muste nissperience.

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