Glass Bottom Boat a Fun Activity in Mauritius

Are you fascinated by underwater creatures? Are you afraid of snorkeling? If the answer to these two questions is a “yes”, glass bottom boat trips are ideal for you. The glass-bottomed boat trip is an ideal activity for tourists withunior in Mauritius. For travelers with the family, especially with children, glass bottom boat trips are a must included in the list of things to do in Mauritius. As my friend commented here-my kind of boat trip! Go underwater without getting wet!

Mauritius, the little African gem, is not only a great honeymoon destination, but also an exciting and exciting tourist destination if you are traveling with family and children. There are several activities that you can indulge in as a family. One of them is the glass bottom boat tour to Mauritius.

Well, this wasn’t the first time I did the glass bottom boat ride, so I knew what I was going to experience. I had made my first glass bottom boat trip when I sailed from Lombok to the Gili Islands. The shores of these islands are rich in underwater life. I still remember exactly how I saw turtles swimming under the glass pane. These memories made me look forward to the glass bottom boat trip in the seas of Mauritius.

What is a glass bottom boat?

It’s really a great idea to see through the glass bottom of the boats. But first, a little about this awesome concept of having glass bottom in boats.

History-it all started in the 1800s, when entrepreneurial adventurers came in search of their happiness in Ke Nissest, an island and city in Florida. Legend has it that many of them used buckets with a glass bottom to see the seabed so that they could catch the coveted sponges of Ke Nissest. Spongers, as they were called, were not only cunning, they ranged themselves with the prey they got on the shores of the island.

Around 1878, Hullam Nissones invented the first glass bottom boat in Silver Springs, Florida, and built a glass bottom rowing boat. Shortly thereafter, commercial glass bottom boats were developed in Silver Springs, Florida, and Catalina Island, California.

Design-this boat is designed specifically for picturesque trips along the coast, which does not sail very deep into the sea and can carry about eighteen people each. As you step into it you will see in the middle of the floor a long section of glass an inch thick, divided into three compartments. There are comfortable places around this huge glass of water.

Glass reinforced glass, at least an inch thick, is used to keep the boat afloat. For this purpose, sea glass is used, which can withstand rough and weathered water. The high optical quality rates too much compared to other glasses.

Several glass background tours in Mauritius

Mauritius is an evergreen diving destination due to its rich underwater life. For those who have not yet started snorkeling or swimming, glass bottom boat tours are a godsend. There are several tourist services and hotels that offer glass-bottom boat trips along the beaches of Mauritius.

The glass bottom boat tour to the Blue Ba nisses Marine Park is considered the most popular among all in Mauritius. The Blue Ba Nvidia’s Marine Park is located on the southeast coast of Mauritius near the village of Mahebourg. The water here is so clear that you can easily see the corals and fish. The most sought-after sight in the Blue Ba Marine Park is the brain coral with a diameter of 1000 years and 5 meters.

Another option is to take a speedboat with a glass bottom to Benitier Island. There are several packages that include lunch and drinks on the island. There are glass bottom boat trips and snorkeling activities in Grand Baie Mauritius and also in Turtle Ba.

We took the one-hour glass bottom boat ride to Turtle Ba. You can choose to stay on board the boat with glass bottom, or enjoy a little swimming and snorkeling.

What you can see on the glass floor Boat tour to Mauritius

Probably, the name Turtle Ba Nvidia raised my hopes to discover turtles through the glass bottom of the boat, sadly we could not recognize a single turtle. It was pretty disappointing not to find one. Instead, there were countless colorful fish and corals of various sizes and shapes.

They gave us some leaves that had pictures of different colored fish that can be seen swimming below. But it’s all luck, just like when you go on an animal safari you chance upon a herd of deer or elephants or a peacock strutting its tail feathers and on extremely lucky days you may even spot a tiger.

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