Kopi Lu Lu an Extortionate Coffee in Bali Pulina

It’s awesome how a random discovery of coffee seeds in animal poop led to the production of the world’s most expensive coffee! This exotic and expensive coffee is Kopi Lu Lu Call it pleasure or disgust, this coffee tastes different as it is made from semi-digested coffee seeds found in civet feces. What you spend on coffee in Starbucks is only a fraction of what it costs for a cup of Kopi Lu Lu

Origin of Kopi Lu Lu

During Dutch rule in Indonesia, locals were not allowed to use the coffee they collected. They were deprived of their products and drinks. It was when locals searched around for coffee seeds they discovered that poops of some species of jungle cats had whole undigested or rather partially digested coffee seeds, but in complete form.

Something better than nothing seemed like the motto! Or better yet: necessity is the mother of invention! The locals collected these; they cleaned, washed, roasted and ground these coffee seeds. And their drink turned out to be far superior in taste compared to conventional coffee seeds in use.

Bali Pulina coffee plantation Tour

The visit to Bali Pulina in Ubud was worth it. We could taste unique varieties of coffee and tea. The most interesting part was the explanation of how they extract Kopi Lu Luak in Bali Pulina from the coffee beans found in civet poops. There are a good number of civets that roam freely in the plantation. This is important because poops from force fed civets do not have the same result. Civets choose and eat the best of coffee ripe cherries.

In the morning plantation workers scan the plantation for civet poops. The amount of coffee beans harvested in this way is not huge, while the demand for Kopi Lumak is huge. This is one of the main reasons why Kopi Lu Lu Because of the stigma attached to coffee beans they take more care to wash the beans thoroughly. The process here after is almost similar to conventional coffee beans.

The science of coffee seeds digested seeds

What actually improves the flavor of coffee?

Natural enzymes in the civet intestine change the protein structure of coffee beans. This makes the beans less acidic, removes some caffeine and therefore less bitter. Civet beans are also lower in total protein. Cumulatively this increases the aroma, increases softness in taste and lowers the bitterness of kopi Lu caffè

What does it taste like? Well, I suggest you take a sip of Kopi Lu Lu

Civets, welcome to coffee plantations

Civets were once the most detested animal on coffee plantations as they were considered pests. Luckily for them the scene has changed, the locals protect them now for their precious poops who fetch them very high price. However, there are stories and news about how civets are kept in captivity and fed with all varieties of coffee berries.

The result is not very high quality Kopi Lu semiak seeds. I did not find any such scene in Bali Pulina. They had a couple of civets in cages that are exclusively to meet the conditions for the educational tour through their plantation.

Also there are reports that regular coffee is sold as Kopi Lu Lu One must have a good experience in coffee tasting that can allow them to distinguish the real Kopi Lu Lu So it’s best to get them from authentic stores. Amazon sells them and if you are in Indonesia, you can have it in Bali Pulina.

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