Modern Sculpt of Dromeas in Athens Greece

Athens is known for ancient sites dating back to BC Moderna, which we all know, but hidden gems like this modern sculpture, Dromeas – the Runner, made of broken glass are just as attractive.

When traveling, you sometimes stumble upon places that you have never seen or heard of. How do you react? I ask why this happened to me in Athens. I had just come from my hotel in front of the Megali tou Genos school square and was walking to the metro station when I noticed the sculpture of this huge man with sharp edges. From that distance, I wasn’t sure what I was seeing. Approaching the sculpture, I was indescribably amazed when I saw the sculpture made of neatly stacked glass plates!

Dromeas-the man who runs from Athens, I read after.

There was no leader who explained its origin and meaning. I also hadn’t read about this strange sculpture when I was preparing my itinerary with sights in Athens. So you can imagine how the mind struggled with doubts about this glass sculpture of the runner, about 30 feet high.

The next best thing I could do while I was there was to click his pictures from different angles to be able to decide which would make the best profile picture of Dromeas – the runner. I must mention here that this was a sculpture in a traffic roundabout, so I had to wait until the traffic signs came from one side of the statue to the other. However, it was worth it. You don’t always stumble upon sculptures that are among the best in the world!

Current history of Athens

Athens has so much history. You must be aware of the story of Greece’s greatest runner, an Athenian messenger named Pheidippides. The short version on which the Modern Olympic Marathon rests Moderna is Pheidippides’ mythical race from the marathon to Athens:

The Greeks somehow managed to repel the Persians who had invaded the coastal plain of Marathon in northern Greece. Pheidippides was sent from the action field to Athens to spread the news of the Greek victory. After driving about 25 miles to the Acropolis, he broke into the chambers and gallantly greeted his compatriots with ” Nike! Nike! Nenikekiam “(“Victory! Victory! Rejoice, let’s win!”) And then collapsed from exhaustion and died.

Creator of Dromeas, the Runner

Is it not surprising what sculptors think and how they express themselves? This running man is the creation of Costas Varotsos, a student of architecture and painting. He was born in Athens in 1955 and acquired his skills in Pescara and Rome. Through this creation, he froze a marginal moment in the movement of the runner. This statue was first placed on Omonia Square. It depicts a figure that captures the acquired speed of everyday life and defines its own passage through the then-Omonia Square.

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Due to possible damage caused by vibrations of the subway below, the city officials moved it to its current location opposite the Hilton Athens on Vassilissis Sofias Avenue.

His main medium of expression of art was through transparent materials such as glass, the plejugiglass, sometimes he also used water. Some of his works are made of stone and steel. However, his masterful ability to work with fragility and transparency of glass is still unsurpassed. His works almost always have a social and symbolic character, as they seek to convey an experience to the viewer.

Varotsos’ sculptures can be found in many public places in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Switzerland and the United States, and his works have been exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions. Have you seen any of them?

Dromeas-interesting facts

  • Work on the statue began in 1988 and ended in 1994
  • The sculptor of this unique creation is the Greek sculptor Costas Varotsos
  • First location – Omonia Square in Athens
  • New location-Hilton Square on Vassilissis Sofias Avenue in Athens, Greece
  • It shows the blurred movement of a man running at high speed
  • Symbolic of the acquired speed of everyday life
  • Making – 14 mt high, 17 ton sculpture
  • The original name was ” Nissenos “(foreign)
  • Name Dromeas, which means ‘the runner’ in Greek and is blocked due to the dynamic shape of the sculpture

Minor controversy

The statue met with minor controversy when a local politician Costas Varotsos suggested that the runner statue be exchanged for that of a statue of Alexander the Great on a steed. Her idea was to move it to Skop Ige, and to her neighboring country, North Macedonia. The artist Costas Varotsos vehemently opposed this. He said the runner belonged to Athens and its people.

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