Reason to Choose Cuba for Holidays

I had recently been to a storytelling session of travelers. One of the 3 speakers I heard was Supri Nissa Suri Nissanara Nissanan, founder, SquareFt Decor. He talked about his experiences during his recent visit to Cuba, which made me have a great desire to travel around the country. With relaxing trips around the country and from what he said, I have deciphered that it is the perfect time to visit Cuba now! Soon I read about the place.

Here are my top reasons to travel to Cuba now

Time stopped in Cuba

The first and most important reason is that Cuba has not yet collected turismo and is still wrapped in a time capsule of the 60s and 70s. Today, when we are so used to this high-speed lifestyle, Cuba still retains the charm of the Old World, especially due to its isolation from US culture and trade. The streets are dotted with colorful houses in old-fashioned architecture with tiled roofs.

Havana, the capital, is known for its colorful appearance. The other destinations in Cuba also retained the old Spanish charm. The colonial architecture of the 16th century had only been suppressed in the 1950s and 60s. Add to them the 19. There is a lot for the eyes to devour.

Ride in one of the old American cars

What horse-drawn cars are in the places of heritage in Europe, old American cars are on the roads of Cuba. A trip in one of the old American cars, can be a Cadillac, even today is not possible anywhere else, but in Cuba. Car collectors have not yet come here to grab these vintage beauties and lock them up in museums. Since the 1950s, when the embargo (check Cuba history) had been blocked on this small country, there have been no American imports. There were no new models of vehicles on the roads of Cuba. The Cubans worked on the patterns that existed at that time, turning any garbage into a workable piece.

White sandy beaches Cuba

If you are a beach lover, swim with the locals on the beaches there or just roll on the white sandy beaches! Chances are good that you will lose the number of beaches… there are more than 300 of them. Cuba is blessed with a long coastline along the North Atlantic and the southern Caribbean.

Lonel @ Planet mentions: CA Izo Largo, perhaps the most beautiful beach in Cuba, is far to the west in front of the Pla MFA Sirena, where 2 km of dusty white sand is wide enough to accommodate several football fields. There are dive sites and opportunities to explore the underwater world full of corals and star fish. Then there are miles of private beaches too for those looking for peace and quiet!

Easy to mix Cubans

Visitors returning from this small island state have stories to tell about the kindness of the Cuban people. Their hospitality convinces you. For those who believe in interacting with locals and like to get acquainted with the culture of the people, Cuba seems to be perfect. You will get to know something authentic from the 1970s. The fact that they have retained their friendly manner and do not hesitate to open guests, despite the long years of difficulties, is really commendable.

Internet facilities are not accessible to everyone and virtual socialization is almost negligible; this ensures real interaction on a real basis. Spend a week there and you are bound to make a lot of friends.

Cuba Festival

Festivals are one of the 7 reasons to travel to Cuba that can make your visit unforgettable. Almost all year round there are celebrations that turn into celebrations, parties and bring together.

The Fiesta del Fuego festival, which takes place every July in Santiago De Cuba, is a fantastic event. It is characterized by parades, fireworks and a lot of dancing.

The Easter procession in Trinidad is another festival full of fun. With a little planning you are sure to find yourself in the middle of some celebration of the locals.

The cigar festival is one of the new events in Havana. You can learn about the history of cigars, visit cigar plantations and factories. They show the best new releases to the international audience. Great place to buy better Habanos!

Eat, eat and eat in Cuba

In terms of food, Cuba is not just Cuban cigars and rum. In the kitchen there is a delicious mi-mi cuisine of Spanish, African and Caribbean culinary traditions. With its huge coastline, you can certainly expect delicious seafood with lobsters, which are served in many restaurants.

Vegetarians can try their typical meal, which consists of rice and beans cooked together or separately. If they are cooked together, the recipe is called “Congresses” or “Moros Cristianos” (black beans and rice). If it is cooked separately, it is called “Arroz con / Nvidia’s Fri Ipodoles” (rice with/and beans).

Cuban sandwich is another popular item on the menu. The sandwich consists of lightly buttered Cuban bread and contains sliced roast pork, thinly sliced serrano ham, Swiss cheese, dill pickles and yellow mustard.

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