Review of the Anva Iva Beach Resort in Bali

The invitation from Indonesia Tourism mentions staying at Anva Miva Beach Resort Bali! I knew it was going to be one of the best Balis to have reviewed the place yet, and I was super excited to find it on the beach. It is Bali’s Kuta Beach.

Anva Nissa-Sanskrit word-means connection. The name fits the resort so well because at the end of my 5-day stay I had connected with the resort well and felt like a different home for me. Here is a brief review of the Anva Iva Beach Resort.

Hotel review Anva Faliraki Beach Resort

Temples in Anva Iva Resort Bali

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that Bali is a land of temples. Every house, hotel, resort has temple, and Anva Minga Beach Resort is no exception. On one side of this huge resort there is a small temple with a quiet and peaceful environment. Although I was not lucky enough to visit the interiors of another temple in Bali, I felt blessed that I was able to make it here. The temple has smaller shrines; all beautifully decorated.

The names of God, which are revered there, were mentioned on the small boards. They were Tugu, Agung and sur Iva. Flowers, incense sticks and lamps indicated that prayers were offered some time ago.

Balinese culture

A unique custom that is followed at the anva Iva resort is that in the evenings a small group of people walks around the resort, singing prayers and beating drums and bells. They usually do this in the evening a little before sunset. So, if you are planning to stay at the hotel, you can experience this Balinese culture firsthand.

Tsunami escape route

The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami hit India very hard. Many beach plots on the coast of Bali have suffered enormous destruction and losses. But now almost all places have clearly marked their tsunami escape routes. Hopefully there won’t be any more tsunamis and we don’t have to realize the efficiency of these plans, but it’s reassuring to know that there are plans for an escape.

Nestled in the lap of nature

Another surprising factor of the Anva Iva Beach resort is that it is located in the bosom of nature. There is still a lot of greenery between the Kuta Beach Line on one side and a busy road on the other. A good part of the pool has a green cover. I came across a spice finch there in the bushes (scaly breast munia). I witnessed a sunset on Kuta Beach on one of the evenings there.

Rich breakfast buffet

Breakfast at Anva Minga Beach Resort was like a mega event in itself! It was like a tour of several islands with different cuisines. Breakfast is free, there are 2 restaurants and 2 bars. The huge seating area very well welcomes the morning rush of guests.

Freshly baked cake, slowly roasted meat, pasta, salads, dressings, sauces, pancakes, sushi and more variety, even stuffed Indian flatbread; the choice was endless. Didn’t someone even say:”The way to someone’s heart is through the stomach”? The people at Anva Minga Beach Resort have taken it seriously; it’s obvious.

Other services in Anva Faliraki Beach Resort

The resort has well-equipped rooms with small balconies, each of which is equipped with free miti-fi connection, flat screens, mini-bar and even tea and coffee making facilities. Some have direct access to the pool. The suites have a living area and some offer beach views. The updated suites have trampoline pools. And a 2-bedroom villa features butler service, a kitchen and a swimming pool.

Room service is available. Their well-trained team of leisure assistants takes care of various daily activity programs, courses and individual leisure activities of the guests. More impressive is that they have 8 main pools, a spa and a compact fitness center.

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